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More than 30 Houses were damaged by the overflowing river in Cagayan

Cagayan (November 9, 2019)- More than 30 houses and structures swept by a raging river in the town of Abulug in Cagayan last Friday because of continues raining.

One of the residents in Barangay Dana-ili name Lolita Bugarin does nothing but watching collapse her two-story house and water refilling station, that build it for four months. But she thanks because no one hurt in her family.

Barangay chairman Henry Masuli said, almost 36 house was damaged by the river and the affected residents stay in their relative's house.

The local government has already provided assistance to all affected areas. They plan to build a river control to prevent further damage.

The vehicles had difficulty crossing certain parts of the road due to the overflowing of the river. But in some barangay floods have stopped.

The province of Cagayan is now under a state of calamity.

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