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Rapid increase of people with dementia had been reported

   In Taiwan, the primary problem that all countries are facing  nowadays is the increasing population of chronic disease especially diabetes and dementia. Based on the statistics, one person is suffering from dementia every 3 seconds.

  In 2018 the number of dementia patients has increased by 10 million worldwide based on the data of the International Association of Dementia (ADI) and in 2050 the global population will increase to 150 million. According to medical research, diabetes is one high-risk factor to dementia and its also named as the third type of diabetes.

  Based on the data of Taiwan Dementia Association, more than 3.4 million elder people with the age of over 65. And 280,000 of them suffer from dementia and one out of 84 people also suffer from the disease. For the coming 47 years, the population for a dementia patient will increase in Taiwan by an average of 36 people a day or one patient will be added every 40 minutes.

Lin Jiahong (a metabolic doctor from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkup) said that dementia and diabetes have no specific medicine and it will last for a lifetime. There are studies that show the reason of having dementia is poor management of blood sugar can cause pathological and degeneration that changes the brain cells and increase the risk of the dementia disease although the study is not completely determined.

   Patients with the poor management of blood sugar caused by lifestyle habits and diets are prone to hypoglycemia and when this occurs the high risk of brain cell damage will increase. According to Lin Jiahong, the dementia is also known as diabetes in the brain which can lead to deterioration and shrinkage of the brain cell function. Because of diabetes, it will cause atherosclerosis and hypoxia in the brain and it will interact with each other.

  Dr Jiahong reminds the younger people that the earlier age of diabetes it has a high chance of complications, especially excessive blood sugar. The cause of hypoglycemia is improper management of blood sugar. Most of the research showing only 2 types of diabetes because there is a period of time before the illness was on set and it has a high risk of dementia.

 He said, when one patient is tried to track his diabetes in the age of 30, after more than 10 years he will experience limited thinking logically and began losing his memories. And later on, the patient will have glycosylated haemoglobin and diabetes will cause symptoms of dementia.

  Dr Jiahong said he teaches the patient to face the disease and give advice about what to eat and to avoid to help controlling blood sugar. This will help the patient to control blood sugar, high oil, and low-GI diet, combined with high-fibre fruits, vegetables and especially oatmeal, brown rice.

   And it's very important to work together both patient and doctor for controlling blood pressure and blood lipids to meet the standard range. The inter-disciplinary will help to avoid and decreased vascular changes.


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