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Philippine Vice President Robredo to be assign as drug Czar?

On Tuesday, MalacaƱang said Vice President Leni Robredo's comments against President Rodrigo Dutertes's drug war would be futile if the Vice President rejects her appointment as co-chair of the Inter-Agency on Anti-illegal Drugs  .

Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo says that all comments by Vice President Robredo are trivial and baseless.  He added that if she said the administration's drug war was ineffective, it should have something on her mind on how to be effective.  And if she is given the opportunity to show courage and not take it, what does that mean?

Panelo also said that giving the Cabinet position for Vice President Robredo is heartfelt given by President Duterte.  And it could end up at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday if she accepts the appointment as a drug czar.

So far, Robredo has not accepted the position as co-chairperson of ICAD.  ICAD is a law created by President Duterte in 2017 to ensure effective implementation of anti-illegal drug operations.

Robredo previously served as Duterte's chief of housing for five months before they parted ways in 2016 and after the president prevented her from attending cabinet meetings.  This comes after it issued statements that did not favor the administration's policies including the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Heroes' Tomb.

Earlier Vice President Robredo said President Duterte's decision to give her the position for the anti-drug campaign was only proof that the administration had failed in carrying out the drug war.

Even critics of the government say the President seems to be washing his hands because he failed to carry out the drug war and therefore wants to pass the problem to the Vice President.

According to government figures, more than 5,500 people have been killed in anti-drug operations.

However, human rights groups are forced to lose the drug war that the President has waged for up to 20,000 people including those killed by anonymous hitmen.

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