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A OFW in Taiwan critical after accidentally fell inside his machine.

It was sad to hear that yesterday afternoon nov. 6 one of our Filipino friend was on accident and critical, when he dealing with the food stirring machine but suddenly he fell inside the machine.

A foreign migrant worker (37 years old) in New Taipei City, at 1 pm Nov. 6, when working at a food processing plant in Baoxing Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, suspected of accidentally touching the pressure relief valve, causing the machine to descend, the upper body The machine was involved in the scene. 

When the police got the report and arrived at the scene, saw the upper and lower sides of the dough mixer tightly clamped the moving neck, and quickly used the machine to open the machine, and pulled the trapped laborer out, but he was on the spot. 

When the rescue team broke the machine, drag him out of the machine and found out that he didn't have the breadth and immediately be sent to the hospital. Already lost vital signs, the ambulance personnel urgently sent him to Tzu Chi Hospital for emergency treatment.

The exact cause of the accident is still to be further investigated. The details of the case were still clarified after investigation by the police.

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