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POEA sanctioned the 3 agencies that illegally collecting excessive placement fees

According to the Manila Times, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), is investigating licensed agencies of collecting excessive placement fees from Filipino Workers that deployed in Poland. And also they investigating the accredited Foreign Recruitment Agency (FRA) in Poland, and HR Motives.

Base on the report, the agencies from the Philippines identified as Golden Icon Manpower Agency and PLJL Manpower Exporter Inc., in Ermita, Manila.

POEA told last November 21, Thursday, they will start the process of agency violation, once the complainants submit their affidavits. Collecting excessive placement fees would result in the cancellation of recruitment agencies license and FRA accreditation.

The investigation derived from a report of Emmanuel Geslani, a migration expert and overseas Filipino worker advocate, has detailed the illegal activities of three agencies.

According to a report, four Filipino factory workers were paid P270,000 to Gold Icon from placement fees in Poland.   But they need to pay only P8,000 each under POEA guidelines. They also said that they received their salaries from HR Motives and not from the company.

The factory worker's salary in Poland is 1,600 euros monthly, but they received only 550 euros. Geslani said that the 10 workers were looking for companies that would accept them based on their working visas.

Poland needs workers because they have manpower shortages in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.


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