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"Salute to Pilot Tristan Simeon" for saving the life of his passengers after PAL on fire accident

Philippines - A video went viral on a social media on where you saw that one of the wings of Philippine Airlines plane was sparks a fire after it take off at Los Angeles International Airport.

The video was taken by one of the passengers aboard PAL Flight 113, which will fly to Manila this Friday morning (Manila time).

But 2 minutes after the takeoff, engine failure occurred and part of the fire was extinguished, PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna admitted.

Pilot Tristan Simeon immediately called up a mayday call at LAX to have them emergency landing.  The plane was aboard to 365 people: 347 passengers and 18 crew members and they were all safe and no one was injured in the incident.

Some PAL flight passengers told about their experience.  Some say that they heard a loud noise from the plane as they were taking off and saw 2, 3 flames coming out of it and people were very scared.

Other passengers have not been able to return to Manila because no other flight has been provided by PAL, but they are nevertheless happy to be safe after the technical problems of the engine.

Villaluna, salute to pilot Simeon for saving the plane and to all his passengers.  PAL said they are continuing to work with LAX authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration to determine the cause of the incident.


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