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Scholar of Kara David and a Yolanda survivor is now a CPA

Photo Courtesy by Project Malasakit

Manila-Philippines- One of Yolanda Survivor has become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Philip Christian Palabay is one of the scholars of Kara David who is a veteran journalist of the GMA network. Palabay was very happy because his dream has finally come true. Although the journey to his success is not an easy way because of Yolanda its not a hindrance for him to work hard to achieve his dreams.

  Ms Kara David is present during the oath-taking of Philip Christian Palabay in the
Philippine International Convention Center or PICC.

  Kara is very proud of Philip Christian one of the scholars of Project Malasakit Foundation. According to her, Philip Christian is now working as SVG in Makati City.

  According to her way back in 2013, Philip Christian is one of the Yolanda survivors. It catches her attention when she saw the boy. She knows that someday he will be successful and that's why she put Philip Christian in Project Malasakit Foundation.

  Philip Christian took the course of Accountancy in the University of the Philippines Visayas. After 5 years of hardship, he graduated as Cum Laude and given SVG Excellence Award.

  Last month of October, Palabay passed his CPA Licensure Examination.

   Kara David and the donor of Project Malasakit Foundation is very proud of the achievements of their scholars. She said that even typhoon can't bring you down this boy if you have dreams and work hard for it, one day it will come true.


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