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Several Domestic Helpers and Caregivers in Taiwan suffered physical and emotional abuse from employers

Taipei,Taiwan- based on the 2019 report conducted by Guardian Hope Foundation, 38% of migrant workers at home haved experienced physical or verbal abuses from their employers and other members of the family. But new few abused migrant worker is seeking for help according to Central News Agency (CNA).

  The Executive Director of the Foundation Chi Hui-Jung said that there is 250,000 migrant worker helper at home in Taiwan. and 240,000 of them are caregivers while 1,800 are maids.

  The Foundation Migrant Assistance Centers Director Kaili Lee said that the main reasoned of being silent of migrants workers are there are afraid of losing the jobs they had. Although they are abused they choose to be silent to avoid any problems they might encounter. And 31% of migrants worker didn't know how to speak Chinese and 26% of them didn't where to seek for help.

  The surveys were first conducted by the foundation during the month of March where they collect information from the migrant's workers who have been in Taiwan for 3 years. They have collected 510 valid questionnaires from 400 domestic helpers from the Philippines, 104 from Indonesia and six from Vietnam.

  20% of the respondent said that their employer is holding their passport although it's illegal in Taiwan.

  Lee said, 84% of the caregivers are required to work alone and 35% said they were interrupted during their rest period.

  Based on the report they have, the foreign domestic helper's wage is increased to NT$17,000 from NT$15,840 last September 2015 but 29.61%said they are receiving their wages less than NT$17,000 a month.

 The report was included about the failure of employers to provide safe accommodation at home for migrants worker related to sexual abuses.

 The migrant workers needs their employers permission to increase their wage hike because they are not covered in Taiwan's Labor Standard Act.

Source: CNA

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