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Several migrant workers have protested calling to end broker system in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan (November 3, 2019)- Sunday, several migrants protested outside the official representative of 3 Southeast Asian Countries to sake for their statement about direct recruitment. The Protester accuses their government of not doing any actions about private agents or broker employers. The 3 countries that accused by the protester are the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesian. The 100 protesters came from the groups of The Hope Workers Center, Taiwan's International Workers Association (TIWA) and other groups of workers.

  According to China Times, The Taiwan government already pass the government to government direct employment for Indonesia but then it was cancelled because they have signed same contract with South Korea. The Indonesian government fees the limit charged by the Industry for NT$30,000 & NT$40,000 or US$1,000 - 1,300.

  The protesters demand from the Ministry of Labor to cancel the broker system for the sake of the workers. The brokers overcharging the workers fee, abuse and invade their privacy.

  The large opportunities for migrants working was being controlled by the brokers according to Central News Agency (CNA) said the Commissioner of TIWA Betty Chen.
The TIWA is receiving cases for fees discrepancies in different countries for migrants workers ranging from NT$20,000-NT$80,000. Although in 2016, there is a Service Employment Law that there should not have purchase fees, many brokers are not following this law they are charging the migrants worker illegally. The Ministry of Labor try to resolve the problem but they are against that the brokers will handle their transferring for jobs and renew their contracts.

  Chen said that the protest held today was to show their respective countries to make a statement about government to government direct hiring. And their hoping that the Ministry of Labor will cancel all the brokers instead of relying on it.


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