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Sudden drop of temperature in Taiwan lead to several death of most elderly

The sudden drop in temperature has led to death in many people due to myocardial infection.  The 66-year-old woman named Huang in the Jiali District of Tainan City suddenly lost consciousness at 9:24 pm on the 26th of last month at the Zhenxing Palace in Jiali District.  Tainan City Fire Department Third Disaster Relief Brigade Jiali and ambulance personnel Chen Zhikun and Wu Wenqing arrived at the area around 9:28 saying Huang was lost her breath and was immediately given CPR as  first aid and used AED electric shock.  Due to electric shock and twice with high quality CPR Huang regained consciousness.  She was first taken to Jialiqimei Hospital for emergency treatment, then transferred to Yongkang Chimei Hospital for treatment, and immediately returned her good health.  Huang was recently released from the hospital.

Jiali captain Xie Haoming said Huang was in good health now and it no longer felt any abnormality in her body.

Jiali team leader Xie Haoming will meet with attendees Chen Zhikun, Wu Wenqing and Yixiao team representative Xu Jinxiong and Yixiao team leader Lin Jixiang to visit Huang's home.  And on behalf of the fire station, they congratulate them on the wonderful rehabilitation and care they have given their other people.  Huang's husband previously served as a consultant for the Jialiyi Defense Team.  The couple are both kind and enthusiastic for local public affairs.  The place where Huang collapsed happened on the incense burner of Zhenxing Palace.  There could be gods in the middle of the temple so ambulance personnel were successful in rescuing Huang from death.

Source: UDN

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