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SUV crash on the FamilyMart in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan (November 20, 2019)- Early morning this Wednesday in Northern Taiwan on Taoyuan City one white SUV crash on the Family Mart convenience store after hit by another vehicle run on red light reported by News Taiwan. 

  ETtoday said, on the intersection of Fuxing Road and Yuan Street in Taoyuan City the female driver of black SUV didn't notice the red light causing to hit the white SUV that ended in the Family Mart convenience store. 

 The white SUV smashed the glass of the store and stop at 45 degrees angle on the checkout counter. Luckily the on-duty person on the counter was not there at the time of the accident. 

 The glass was shattered in the store and some frame metal in front of the store was badly damaged. 
  According to UDN, the result of preliminary investigation done by the police was, the driver of black SUV who failed to saw the red light hit another vehicle which is the white SUV that landed to the Family Mart. The black SUV driver admitted that it was her fault. She just came out of the work and very tired so she didn't notice the red light as she explained to the police. The incident involved 2 passengers in black SUV who needs medical treatment while the driver of white SUV suffered from minor injuries only.

 The witnesses said that the crashed was so powerful that' s why another vehicle flew far away to Family Mart. 

 Police officers are now on the process of conducting more investigation to know what is the exact cause of the incident by reviewing camera footage. 


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