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Taiwan announces first ever case of tick-borne SFTS Virus Infection

Photo courtesy by CNA

Taipei, Taiwan (November 20, 2019)- One elderly patient in Northern Taiwan was confirmed with tick-borne virus infection according to the data of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the infected person will have Severe Fever with thrombocytopenia Syndrome or SFTS reported by Central News Agency (CNA).

Tuesday, at the press briefing Centers for Disease Control, announced the first-ever case in Taiwan. Their quarantine doctor Chen Meng-yu (陳孟妤) said that the patient developed a fever and severe vomiting after traveling in other countries and going to the mountains for hiking from October 24 - November 02, 2019.

 November 03, the patient was admitted to the hospitals at first they thought it was dengue but as they run some test the result for dengue is negative. November 13 they do an advance test of a blood sample from the patient and they discover that he is infected with the tick-borne virus. The doctors said that this kind of disease was the same as strain that is turning around in South Korea and Japan. The experts said that the patient developed the disease after traveling to other countries.

 The SFTS is by a long-horned tick bite that was first recorded in China way back 2009 said CDC Deputy Director-General Lo Yi-Chun (羅一鈞).

 In the past years from May to October, several cases of SFTS were confirmed in China and South Korea that affect 10,000 people living there.

 Wang Hsi-Chieh (王錫杰), an associate professor at the College of Public Health under National Taiwan University said at a press conference that the carrier of the tick was not found in Taiwan.

 The virus could possibly transmit by people undertaking outdoor activities, such as hikers and farmers because the disease is present in the wild.

 As the patient is treated in the hospital in an intensive care ward and they are giving antibiotics also blood transfusion. CDC is now conducting its investigations to find the source of the virus.

 The CDC said, there are no symptoms of the virus in the 68 people who interacted with the patient but they will continue to monitor them until November 27 to secure their safety.

Source: Fucos Taiwan


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