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Taiwan lottery receipt results for the month of September - October 2019

Taipei, Taiwan (November 25, 2019)- The Ministry of Finance has announced this afternoon of the result on the winning result of Taiwan lottery for the month of September-October.

Worth NT$10 million for special prize winning ticket is 41482012

The grand prize receipt number is 58837976 to win NT$2 million.

For the first prize winning receipt are 20379435, 47430762 and 36193504. Holders to match the last 7 digits will win NT$40,000 and then NT$4,000 for the last 5 digits winners. While the last 4 digits winner will win NT$1,000 and NT$200 for the last 3 digits winner.

Here are the special winning combination receipt numbers 693,043,425 which is worth NT$200.

According to Ministry of Finance, Starting December 5, 2019. All winners below NT$10,000 will not be subject to 20% tax.

All winners for the month of September to October should claim before March 5, 2020.


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