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Taiwan NIA wants to ratify the rules for undocumented babies of migrant in Taiwan.

The Executive Yuan, the National Immigration Agency (NIA), and Ministry of Labor approved by Control Yuan to measure requiring to correct flaws of the undocumented babies from migrant workers since 2007 reported by CNA

Control Yuan member Wang Yu-ling said that 496 unregistered children born to migrant workers between January 2007 and June 2019 were reported to the National Immigration Agency (NIA).

Wang said that babies born in Taiwan to foreign parents could be more serious because some of them give birth outside the hospital so the government does not know about it. And it's difficult for them to count the total number of babies that were born.

Wang also said in a report that children of migrants should be registered to avail of government services such as healthcare and education. But some migrant parents do not register their children because some of them are absconding from their employers or overstay in Taiwan.

According to a report, undocumented babies can lead to human rights problems. The current laws stipulate that the undocumented babies of migrant workers can only apply for naturalization through social welfare agencies when they are of age 20, or unless they are adopted by Taiwanese citizens.

Source:Fucos Taiwan

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