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Taiwan Police draw a guide for migrant wokers using electric bike due to increasing accident in the country

Courtesy by Qingshui Police Branch

Taichung, Taiwan (November 20, 2019) - Quingshui Police Branch figured out a new and creative way to impose new laws and regulations for electric bicycle riders. One policeman is standing and holding a banner with pictures that shows for new rules and the corresponding penalty to their violations. This new strategy is to call the attention of the public to always obey the laws.

  This law will help the students who are unaware of traffic rules when it comes to electric bicycle and also for migrants worker. And also to prevent the increasing number of electric bicycle violators.

 The came up with this concept because the police team of Qingshui found out when they visited the migrant's worker to remind their safety in the buildings near the street. They cannot speak the language in the country since they are from other nations. The police also announced to avoid illegal parking because they will strictly follow the laws.

  Imposing the law will help to avoid traffic and for the safety of the public said Zhang Qixiang the Director of Qingshui Department.

Source: UDN


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