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Taiwan suspended the selling of three Huawei phones models due to renaming the country as "Taiwan, China"

The three Huawei phone models made by Huawei Technologies Co. in China was suspended by the National Communication Commission(NCC) of  Taiwan because of its software upgrade that they renamed Taiwan as "Taiwan, China."

 If the said issue will not be resolved, maybe the temporary ban will be permanently in five(5) telecom companies who sell P30 Pro, Nova 5T and P30 phones in Taiwan.

 The National Communication Commission said that the software upgrade in the mention phone models, the contact apps and time zone is listed now Taiwan as "Taiwan, China.

 The controversy was started as China continued to persuade foreign government and global businesses to refer to Taiwan as " Taiwan, China" in the said phone models.

 NCC asks to remove the 3 phone models from the stores up to Taiwan designation was corrected. These are the telecom companies included in the backdrop, Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Chunghwa Telecom Co., Taiwan Star Telecom Co., and EasTone Telecom Co.

 The sales agent Xunwei Technology Co., was also included in the ban. They said that they already notified Huawei for the correction for designation as soon as they can.

 Telecoms that included in the ban said that this incident will not affect their sales.

 Thursday in Taiwan, after the ban incidents the Huawei release a new phone model "mate 30" the phone model was approved because it doesn't have any issues.

 NCC said that all brands of phones and tablets should have the correct designation.


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