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Taiwan to start embracing more cooler weather

The Central Weather Bureau reported that later this week the lowest temperatures were likely to crash 20 degrees celsius in Northern Taiwan to reach 18 degree celsius as the wind intensified northeasterly.

According to the Central News Agency, the northeasterly wind is expected to rain in the east especially in the Haulien and Yilan areas.  The end of this week will bring clear skies with some overcast periods.  This season will change on Monday, November 4.

Northeasterly winds will also return to rain at lower temperatures.  Beginning on Monday will begin to drop to 18 degrees celsius, the maximum temperatures north of the day will still reach 25 degree celsius.  It is low in Taiwan but comparable in summer to many countries in western Europe.

In addition to the CWA report, next week South regions will also record temperatures like Pingtung near 30 degree celsius.


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