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Taiwan was ranked as second stressful country in the world

Taipei - According to a Cigna survey by the American insurance company, Taiwan is ranked second in terms of having a record of experiencing Stress in the world.

According to the current report, about 96% of Taiwanese respondents say they experience severe Stress in their lives, while only 2% reported last year.  This is why Taiwan is now in the second rank in terms of Stress.

The survey consisted of online interviews of 13,200 respondents in 23 countries of the world.  These respondents were asked about their feelings toward the 5 pillars of health and well-being: physical, financial, workplace, social, and family wellness.

Stress level in Taiwan this year was up 84% and reached Hongkong, a city with more than Stress to make it ranked second.  The five countries leading the Asian countries in being Stressed out are Hongkobg, Singapore, Thailand, China and Indonesia.

In the five pillars of health, Taiwanese respondents' lack of sleep has given them the lowest score.  Other causes of stress increase include reduced family time, inability to care for parent and child needs and financial problems.

Social Health is the only aspect of development compared to Taiwanese respondents last year.  It rose slightly from 55.1% to 66.3%.  This is mainly because respondents think they spend a fair amount of time on smartphones or tablets, and have lots of talking friends.

According to Cigna CEO and President Director Tim Shields, the results of the survey show Taiwan's overall health and well-being behind the majority of the country surveyed emphasizing the need for additional support for Taiwanese respondents to help them improve  their overall health and well-being.


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