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Taiwan will be adopting the "face recognition system" in all transport stations

Taipei Taiwan ( November 6, 2019)- Taiwan is about to adopt the "face recognition system" at all transport terminals soon. The Ministry of Transportation has already conducted a dry run since August this year at Fengyuan Station and several wanted had been arrested.

This November, they are about to expand their new system to each train station. The new system will combine the surveillance system, IoT IoT devices, and technologies. There will be 11 types of detection, and every condition will be analyzed through artificial intelligence, including special security for police services. Also included in the list are warning lines across the platform, the escalator's upward reverse travel, and the detection of residuals can also trigger an alarm in special situations.

The smart monitoring system will also able to verify a wanted criminal. And if the system identifies the subject, the mobile phone of the staff and related personnel in the stations will be alerted.

According to The Ministry of Communications's Railway Bureau, the project will spend more than $2,580,000 to build the "Smart Image Surveillance System Project" in all stations and terminals around the country.


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