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The monthly ticket for the Taipei MRT is in danger of being lost

In a Taiwan News report last Monday (Nov. 25) the Legislative Yuan temporarily deferred the 2020 budget for the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit monthly pass saying it did not boost passenger numbers.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je and New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu announced in April 2018 that their city would start issuing monthly tickets within a 30-day period allowing unlimited MRT rides,  city ​​buses at YouBikes.  It's monthly pass is priced at NT $ 1,280 (US $ 44).

According to a Liberty Times report, during a budget study in Taipei City Council on Monday even as Legislators pointed out that the Taiwanese government's budget to maintain unlimited passes is worth NT $ 1 billion annually  but total passenger volume has increased by 3% since last year.  Lawmakers questioned the effectiveness of the program and said it had failed to bring economic benefits to the city.

Ko said that the NT $ 1,280 price tag for the monthly ticket was a good start for the Taipei government which really meant how to reduce the cost.  He added, that the prices could be lowered to better encourage the public to take public transportation, according to an ETtoday report.


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