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Third case of bubonic plague in China was recorded

  Beijing, China - November 18, 2019, the third case of "bubonic plague" was diagnosed. The 55-year-old man gets the disease after eating a wild rabbit.

 According to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region health authority in North Beijing, the patient was already treated in the hospital of Huade City last Saturday.

 As a result of the investigation, the patient is from the Xilingol League. He consumes the wild rabbit on November 05, 2019. The 28 people who have interacted the man was put on the Quarantine for observations but they found no symptoms of the plague.

 November 12, 2019, there is also 2 cases of the plague was diagnosed came from Xilingol League.

 People who are infected by the disease and not treated with different antibiotics will suffer from a severe lung infection that causes headache, coughing and short of breathing.

  2003, when the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS cause 774 died in China and Hongkong. After this incident, they enhance their detection and management of diseases and 2009, the major outbreak disease was recorded where some people died in Qinghai Province in the town of Ziketan.

 Beijing was accused of spreading the diseases out of their country and let other countries contaminate with the diseases they have.

 African Swine Fever is now affecting much on pigs including China and other Asian Countries.


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