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Thousands of Nurses and Caregivers needed for Saudi Arabia, Israel and Germany with salary 50,000-70,000 pesos per month

In the Philippines, this is a good news for Filipinos looking for jobs because the countries of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Germany offer jobs for thousands of nurse and caregiver positions where it can earn over 50,000 pesos a month.

According to a report by JP Soriano of GMA News, Nur-Aisha Hadjirul was one of her interviewees and one of the applicant who applied for a nurse in Saudi Arabia.  According to him,Nur-Aisha dreamed to be finished all her siblings in college but she need to go abroad because of low salary of nurse in the Philippines

According to Nur-Aisha, sometimes the salaries that can earn in a private are reach up to 10,000 pesos only, and because of all the item can buy are very expensive it is not enough for all the expenses everyday so that it can really need to go abroad.

According to a report by JP Soriano, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health needs 1,500 female nurses for their government hospitals.  Their salaries every month will reach over 4,000 Saudi Riyals or 55,000 pesos including a 4,000 pesos salary increase every year.  Applicants must be a BS Nursing graduate and have a PRC License, and must have at least one year's experience as a nurse.

Because the process is government to government, applicants do not need to pay the placement fee and only in POEA should go to apply. You only need to register online at the POEA website before going to the interview.  The deadline for submission of applicants is on Dec.  12, 2019.

POEA Admin Bernard Olalia also said that these are government institutions that when professional workers are deployed abroad they are not vulnerable same as HSW.

The country of Israel also needs Caregivers, according to the POEA.  Their wages can reach up to 70,000 pesos per month.  Job orders and formal agreements are expected to be issued at the first part of the next year.  However, the country of Israel has recently provided requirements and qualifications for those who wish to apply.  This includes the height requirement at a minimum of 1.5 meters or 5 feet;  weight requirement of minimum 45 kg;  should never have worked in Israel and the latter should be able to understand and speak English well.

According to Olalia, patients in Israel are big if they send only a small frame to that country the Filipinos who wants to work there would be pity.

In Germany, up to 1,000 pinoy nurses will be needed next year.


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