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Top 2 Civil Engineer Passer uses only small table when reviewing with his pet

Courtesy of Jeremy Rifareal

Manila, Philippines -Mr. Jeremy Rifareal who became the top 2 of the Civil Engineering examination result 2019 and student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Lopez, Quezon has passed the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination with an average of 93.10 % among the 6,510 passers (43.18%) who passed the exams out of 15,075 examinees.

    For Jeremy, it is not required a quiet place or a beautiful study room to top the examination.  According to Emma Rifareal Aunt of Jeremy, she is proud to show the simple study area of her nephew. In the social media post of Emma, you can saw Jeremy sitting down next to the small table that is fit for a child. And the wall beside him was full of pinned notes for the reviewer and also a dog lying beside him.

   Emma said who would expect that the top notcher of recent Civil Engineer passers will have a humble study area like this.

   The post went viral on social media. Another post of Emma is praising Jeremy's father for its hard work to give all the needs of the family although he is not fit to work anymore still Jeremy's father enters different jobs to support them. Their family is very proud to have of Civil Engineering.


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