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Train crashed into the car in Taiwan

 Taichung City, Taiwan (November 23, 2019)- It was 9:35 pm last night when Taiwan Railways have information that the self-power 149 Keelung train route to Chaizhou will hit the suspected fault when the train crosses the Dingsixiang Road between Station of Taichung City and Xinwuri Station. The silver car park has suspected in stopping on the crossing level and when the Taipower Ziqiang passed through the Taisen lane in Xunwari and Taichung City, the train hit a car and the tail part of the car was crashed and the body was deformed. The female driver of the car was rescued safely by the fire brigade. The driver just passes out and no trauma nor back pain she has sent to Zhongshan Medical University for treatment.
   The train from South and North were delayed and two lines were interrupted. The railway police are now on their investigation to find out was is the cause of the incident.

  Based on the Taichung Fire Department report they have received a call from a female driver that there was a car accident in Dingsixiangping Road between the station of Taichung City and Xinwuri Station.  The car was hit by the train. The body of the car was deformed and the tail part was crashed. Fire Department was asked for rescue by the female driver and they went to the scene. The driver of the car is safe and no serious injuries were reported.

Source: UDN

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