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Two Taipei hospitals failed the air quality test

According to the CNA report, the municipal authorities of Taipei have been requested that the two hospitals in the area accelerate the change in their indoor air quality or risk fines after an air quality inspection where high levels are discovered of bacterial concentration in air and in facilities.

The city's Department of Environmental Protection said in a statement this Monday that there were 23 medical institutions among which the inspections were carried out.  But the two hospitals that saw the substandard  are the National Taiwan University Children's Hospital and the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-sen Cancer Center.

According to the Department, these two hospitals have a bacterial concentration level of 2,588 units that make up the colony per cubic meter of air and 2,740 CFU / m3 respectively higher than the maximum 1,500 CFU / m3 required.  .

Both hospitals are required to increase their air quality by December! 20 and they also need to provide notices and major entrances informing the public that the air quality inside is substandard.

If they do not make the improvements within the specified time period they can be fined NT $ 50,000 ($ 1,640) and NT $ 250,000, according to the department.

Source: CNA


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