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Well-known Taiwan blogger experienced physical abuse from her ex-boyfriend

As announced by Sina Weibo yesterday  25, a woman experienced Physical abuse from her partner.  The Public Security Bureau of Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality is continuing to investigate the case as well as the local women's organization with victims' concerns.

The victim was identified as Yuya, a 28 year old blogger.  She is very popular on the internet because of her imitation of the make up of Mona lisa and Einstein. Yuya file a case against to her ex-boyfriend for having a repeatedly abused her for half a year.  And she also holds medical records to prove that she suffered physical abuse from that man.

In some surveillance footage shown in the video, a man is forcibly dragging a woman out of the elevator after falling to the floor and struggling to stay in her home.

The value of this incident and video has been viewed more than 2.3 billion times as of press time.  And the Chinese netizens were deeply impressed by Yuya's bravery and demanded that the suspect be punished severely.  One Weibo users said exposing the suspect to bad behavior could help others avoid being victimized in this situation.

In Yuya's story, her ex-boyfriend named Chen had been married several times before their relationship began.  One of his ex-wives confirmed that they were separated because of her experiences in physical abuse.

Net users suggest ways to remedy or eliminate physical abuse. According to an All China Womens Federation study, 30% of 270 million married women experience physical abuse in China and every 7.4 seconds a woman is harmed by their husband.

A member of the womens protection group Lou Ruixue told the Global Times that a wide-ranging support for Yuya shows to many people and will make it clear that abuse is intimate and not private.  And netizens say that when such a situation occurs in private spaces and victims lose the ability to speak the authorities and social organizations cannot provide assistance.

Lou suggested to the authorities to post slogans and distribute booklets to extend awareness of China's antitrust domestic violence law and to inform victims of society and their support.

Today, Yuya's ex-boyfriend is still active on Sina Weibo after the incident spread.  But it closed the comments section in his tweets.

Source EToday


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