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More cooler weather in Taiwan as winter solstice begins

Taipei (November 9, 2019)- The lowest temperature was recorded yesterday. The first day of winter, the temperature dropped to 16 degrees Celcius and expect colder weather on the weekends.

 As 6:00 am in the morning the temperature in Nantou County at Zhongliao Township was dropped to 16.4 degrees Celcius. In northern Taiwan the temperature will be 19-23 degrees on day time according to Central Weather Bureau (CWB). They predicted that in central and southern Taiwan the temperature will range from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius early in the morning and it will go high up to 30 degrees celsius.

CWB added that on Monday, Nov. 11 the temperature will down to 16 degrees celsius because of the northeast monsoon is hitting the country. According to the lunisolar calendar, the Lidong start on November 7-22 when the sun reaches celestial longitude of 255° and comes to an end when the sun 240° longitude. CWB said the monsoon is brought cold weather to Northern Taiwan on Sunday. The temperature will range from 16-18 degrees celsius on Sunday and Monday. Mercury will range from 19-20 degrees for the other part of Taiwan.


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