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Women's football enter semi-finals in 30th Sea Games

  Manila-Philippines December 01, 2019 the Philippine Women's Football team enters semi-finals in the SEA Games. Yesterday, the PH women football team won the game versus Malaysia with a score of 5-0.

In Binan, Laguna the Philippine football team "Malditas" score in the first 23 minutes of their games and after this they goal back to back and reach a score of 4 in the first half of their games. In the second half, Malaysia tried to score but unfortunately, another successful goal came from the Philippines football team. At the end of the games, "Malditas'' won the game and advances to semi-finals in the 30th SEA Games 2019.

 After the game, their team Captain Patrice Mae Impledo thank the Filipino audience for their support. All the audience was very proud and satisfied with the performance of the PH football women's team (Malditas).

 And also the back to back win gets the Philippines from men's beach volleyball teams in Subic Zambales yesterday.


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