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3 Stores offering low transfer fee with high rates raided by the Police in Zhongli

Taoyuan Taiwan (December 21, 2019)- Three shops in Zhongli districts were raided by Zhongyuan Police Sub-station. The authorities have crackdown the 3 stores offering illegal money transfers with high rates. Reported in Liberty Times

The three stores along Zhongping Road were raided yesterday. The Police were able to seize more than NT$300,000 cash, computers, mobile phones and remittance records from 3 shops.

Four store owners illegally operating were brought to the Police office for investigation. According to the authorities the stores are offering low transfer fees and with high rates. And also the stores were found to be selling goods from South East Asian countries as their front.

One store operated by Mr. Li was found out to transfer NT$7 billion in 6 years. According to the Police, this illegal money transfer is affecting the financial order in the country.

Meanwhile, the authorities are urging the migrant workers to avoid illegal transfer to avoid fraud.

Here are the evidence that had been collected by the authorities.


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