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A forklift driver was dead on the spot after it fell to the ground and had been pressed

Hualien, Taiwan (December 6, 2019)- A forklift operator was dead on the spot after a forklift he drove had accidentally fallen to the ground due to the ramp has slipped while going up on the truck.

In Hualien Fruit and Vegetable Market, past eight o clock in the evening while the Father and son are preparing their forklift to put in the truck. Both of them went down first to check. And then the son went on to handle truck while his father drove the forklift and get on the ramp. The 5 tonners forklift was almost on the top of the truck when suddenly the right ramp had slipped causing the forklift to out of balance and fell to the ground.

Right there and then the son went out of the truck after he heard the commotion. He was shocked to see his father had been pressed by a 5 tonner forklift causing him to die on the spot.

They immediately seek rescue and even tried to give CPR, hoping to revive his father but unfortunately was declared dead on arrival


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