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A woman in Taiwan went inside the claw machine to steal two big dolls

Taipei Taiwan (December 6, 2019) - A woman who is so addict in claw machine "wawa" had went inside the machine and stole two big dolls. At around 3:00 am in Xinbei Mie Doll Machne Shop

According to the owner, upon reviewing the CCTV. The suspect whose surnamed was Li, a 22 years old had made a surveyed to the shop several times, and then returned again. Upon seeing that no one was around, she immediately went on the doll claw machine to stole two big pieces of items. And because so slim, she immediately take the color pink stitch and minnie.

According to manager of the shop, may be she had spent much on the claw machine and got nothing so she decided to steal. But she has to face the consequence according to the manager.

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