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An 89 years old woman is still selling in the street for the sake of her grandchildren


 In Manila many netizens melt their hearts when they saw the story in social media of Lola Ibyang an 89 years old woman who still selling on the street.

  According to Kathrina (a concerned netizen who posted the story of Lola Ibyang in facebook), she knows the old woman since 2015. She intended to post the picture of Lola Ibyang on facebook to call the attention of netizens to help her. Kathrina said, Christmas is a season of giving. Lola Ibyang needs help because she is still on the street selling for the sake of her grandchildren despite her age.

  She encouraged everyone to pass by along Daang Hari and few meters past at T-intersection in Commerce Ave. Alabang where the old woman is. And please buy the "Basahan" of Lola Ibyang worth 100 pesos. The 80 pesos will go to her supplier and the 20 pesos is her commission by selling the product. It's a very big help for her if you will buy and asking her condition I am sure you will make her happy. Even a simple hi?can make her smile.

 Kathrina said she send a private message to the Hungry Syrian Wanderer aka Basel last month seek for help and luckily the vlogger reply to her message. She is hoping that Basel will visit Lola Ibyang soon.

  She advises the public to do research on why she is in this kind of situation before saying any words that might hurt her family and relatives. If they will help, please just do so without judging her family said Kathrina.


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