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12 TNT migrant workers are arrested in an online illegal gambling in Pingtung County

Kaohsiung, Taiwan - In a report yesterday, December 4, 2019, an illegal gambling operation in Pingtung County has been raided by Kaoshiung Police as it has arrested 20 suspects including 12 absconded migrants workers recruited by Taiwanese ringleaders to find and attract players online on gambling.

Kaoshiung Police raided a house in Pingtung's Checheng District where they saw 32 mainframes of computers, 68 computer monitors, several guidebooks and NT$180,000 (US$89) worth of cash, all of this was confiscated by the Police.

According to computer data, the illegal gambling website since September has received 3.55 billion Vietnamese Dong (NT $ 4 million) as a bet coming from overseas gamblers.

Because of the raid that made by the police, they arrested 8 Taiwanese that suspected of operating an illegal gambling ring and 12 migrants workers who fled their jobs and were recruited to lure players to the website.

The case is currently being forwarded to the Pingtung District Prosecutors Office for further investigation.


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