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At least 7 people were dead after a fire broke out in an apartment in Tainan City

Tainan, Taiwan (December 14, 2019)- A fire broke out in an apartment complex in Yujing District, Tainan City at around 1:00 am early morning. According to the local Media UDN At least 7 people were not able to escape the incident.

46 people were living in the apartment and only 39 were able to escape. The suspect of the arson is also a member of the religion so-called the Truth Buddha Church. Where in the apartment is known as a retreat house in which all members are living in harmony, eating, working and living together? But one of the son's members in the church who has been known for being violent and rude and even had previous cases of assaults had claimed to the police that he had burnt the apartment.

The suspect with surnamed Tseng is now in the custody of the Police.

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