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Crystal ice formed in Yushan and Hehuanshan mountains as Taiwan temperature plunging down

photo courtesy of Taiwan News 

Taipei Taiwan (December 2, 2019)- All mountains in Taiwan with 3,000 meters high has started forming snow and will continue until December 5, as forecasted by CWB.

In Yushan mountain, current temperature minimum of -7 degrees Celcius and maximum of -4 degrees Celcius. While Hehuanshan mountain has now experienced a minimum of -6 degrees Celcius and a maximum of -2 degrees Celcius

This morning, the Yushan mountain has dropped its temperature from -3 to -8 degrees Celcius as well as Hehuanshan which causes to form crystal ice in the environment.

Our weather forecast tomorrow. The Northern, Central and Eastern parts of the country will be experiencing more cooler weather due to the strengthening of northeasterly. The next day, Miaoli and Yilan County's temperature will plunge to 12 degrees Celsius. And also cities and counties in Central Taiwan. While the Southern part of the country will experience 14-25 degrees Celcius. According to CWB.

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