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Deployment of Filipino workers in Poland, to be suspended by DOLE

According to the Department of Labor, more than 140 Filipino workers working in Poland terminated their contract and left their employers for breach of contract and abuse.

Philippine Labor assigns Geneva Cheryl Daytec to handle the labor conditions of Filipino workers.  Daytec is a well-accredited when it comes to labor matters.  On October 9, it was reported that 135 OFWs were unemployed in Poland, so DOLE sought to stop and suspend the sending of Filipino workers to Poland.

According to a report by Daytec, based on interviews she conducted with others who left their jobs, the lack of credibility was a greater response to abuse and breach of contract than simply a desire to seek a job for better economic opportunity.

Daytec also said that OFW's suffered in Poland are increasing during October and November due to complaints of changing contract, poor working conditions, unfair termination, and expiry of visas.  These are just a few of the aforementioned mistreated cases involving OFW's deployed by Gold Icon Recruitment and Promotion Inc.  in the Philippines and the HR Motives in Poland.

Daytec added that workers said, HR Motives would change their contract once they arrived in Poland.  The OFW's also complain that the Gold Icon collect them at least 269,000 pesos for all the paperwork that they process and they does not issue a receipt to the workers.  And then, the applicant will be sign on paper saying that the Gold Icon does not accept any payment from the workers.

In addition to suspending the deployment of workers to Poland, the Labor Attaché also recommended that the Phlippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) investigate the complaints and grievances of workers.

This year, the number of OFW's in Poland increased due to the need for Filipino workers in the Eastern European country.

Earlier in February, the Philippine Embassy in Warsaw recommended a ban on the deployment of trailer truck drivers there and around Europe.  Up to 62 Filipino truck drivers from Germany, Denmark and Poland have been rescued after complaining that they were living in a difficult and unfavorable condition in their workplaces.


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