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Due to stomach pain, an OFW died in Saudi Arabia

Last Nov. 24, a Filipino worker is reportedly died in Saudi Arabia. Her relatives are asking for help from the Philippines government and to the agency of OFW to bring back her remains.

The said OFW who died was named Remy De Guzman, a 35-years old came from Isabela and working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. The OFW died a week before she returned to Riyadh for work and she died due to Stomach Pain.

Her sister in law named Miriam Anne Garrafa told The Filipino Times that her family was no longer shocked by the death of OFW.

Garrafa added in her post that the agency of her sister in law PJV Human Resources Services Company in Ermita was not even providing assistance to their family, only them and her family are the one who makes a way to returned the OFW body. She said that instead of the agency's help them, it was angry with her posted videos and the agency said that they would sue them.

The entire families of the OFW who have died have been asking everyone especially the Philippines government to help them bring back their loved ones' remains because until now it is still in Riyadh.

Garrafa told TFT that they did not get any updates from the agency because the agency did not cooperate with them.

The family of the deceased OFW is only asking for the agency to cooperate with them especially on expenses and not just only settle the insurance because the OFW's family is also pitying while awaiting the return of the remain of their love one.


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