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Eight Migrant workers have released ROC citizenship without surrendering their own country

In Taiwan the Ministry of the Interior said last (Dec. 27) that eight foreign nationals obtained their Chinese residency without relinquishing, bringing the total number of 119 since the passage of the law revision in 2016 which allows dual nationality in special cases.

In a statement, the Ministry said that the eight people who obtained the residency were professionals and they came from Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and Canada. They have acquired the naturalization that they do not need to give up the citizenship of their own country from which they came.

The Ministry added that these people are professionals in the fields of education, medicine, economics, and technology. Three of these are education, three are in medicine, one in economics and one in technology.

One of the Malaysians helped Taiwan to get high international recognition for its excellent research on the prevention of thrombosis-related complications by using the tapeworm drug Niclosamide, according to the MOI

Another Indonesian doctor has been involved in long-term care of patients with thyroid and diabetes diseases and has been teaching them in related fields

According to the Ministry, a Malaysians won the Ta-you Memorial Award in 2018 and was recognized for his visionary and early research in the field of chemical biology.

The Ministry said that since the amendment of the National Act on December 16, 2016, 119 foreigners have obtained their naturalization in Taiwan without having to leave their citizenship in their own countries.


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