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Elegant tourist train was open in Taipei

In Taipei with the help of J. C. Architecture (an award-winning firm) and Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) opened a new renovate tourist train in Taipei Main Station last Friday, December 13, 2019.

 Last February, when they introduced to the public the design plan for the renovation of tourist trains they have been criticized by Taiwanese people who are not agreed with their design plans because according to them it was ugly and unattractive. But after hard work for six months they finally gots the recognition of the people by giving positive feedback regarding the new renovate tourist train. They successfully surpass the people's expectations with the help of Taiwanese designers, JCA designers, and entrepreneur Han Wu.

 The chief of the TRA's Transportation Department Hsieh Ching-Kuen said that the crowd's positive feedback was really meant to him after they got a lot of criticism when they started planning the renovation.

 CNA said, Taiwanese design team, came up with the idea of an "autumn breeze" and used natural materials like marble and combining a simple color scheme for the renovation of the tourist train.

 They color the exterior of the trains with black and orange that is different from the traditional color blue. The color helps the train to look elegant and according to Liberty Times, the inside of the train was installed of reception bars that came from hotel lobbies in order to give the passenger pastries and beverages.

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