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Hong Kong Government to pay legal expenses over a OFW that had been arrested in a protest

A judge in Kowloon City granted an application for legal costs filed by an OFW who was one of the arrested protesters against the government in August in Mong Kok but later cleared any charges.

The said OFW is Jethro Pioquinto, 36 years old and a dancer at Hong Kong Disneyland.  Pioquinto's application allowed Kowloon City Acting Principal Magistrate Ada Yim to get all his legal expenses.

According to Judge Yim, she granted Pioquinto's application because she found nothing wrong with it and it was a bit far from the starting point of the protesters.

Judge Yim added that the police is knowing the Pioquinto's residence and it was located in Mong Kok, so they arrested him.  But after being arrested, he spoke and explained to the police why he was at the scene of the protest.

Pioquinto arrived in Hong Kong in 2008 to work at Disneyland.  He was arrested on August 3 at 11:15 pm as police detained protesters against the government at the Junction of Fife Street on Nathan Road in Mong Kok.
As police charged, Pioquinto escape but he was also apprehended by an anti-riot policeman.

When he was arrested by the police, he was forced to explain here from the start that he was returning home.  Police later charged Piaquinto with breaking the law at the Kowloon City Magistrates Courts but on Nov.  26, the government closed the case because there was insufficient evidence.

Piaquinto has now filed an application for costs.  According to his lawyer barrister Fiona Nam, the OFW is seeking more than $ 30,000 or nearly P200,000 for his legal expenses.

Judge Yim told the court that an assessment would be made on whether the government would approve the requested amount submitted by Pioquinto's camp.


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