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HTC Taiwan has announced that they will layoff again their employees

Taipei - In Taiwan news report, Taiwanese smartpone manufacturer HTC confirmed on Monday (Dec. 16) that it plans to repatriate it as part of a realignment strategy with the aim of tapping an innovative edge.

According to a CNA report, HTC has about 3,000 employees.  It does not disclose details of planned layoffs such as the number of people and departments that will be affected.  But whoever is matricious is still eligible to receive a two-month salary for their year-end bonus.

HTC said it was optimizing the workforce to ensure better and good prospects for VIVE's virtual reality system and mobile products.  PC-powered headset Vive Cosmos and blockchain-based Exodus series of smartphones are just some of the company's products that are top notch and need to focus.

According to a CNN report, the HTC company is experiencing some problems which have been having a hard time reclaiming lost market share of smartphones due to fierce competition from rival companies such as  Apple and Samsung.  Last January 2018, Google ventured into the smartphone industry to unveil a deal with HTC that saw 2,000 of its engineers and technical staff move to Google.

According to the Liberty Times, in 2015 HTC dropped 2,250 jobs and followed that in July 2018 with 1,500 jobs subsequently reduced.  The company's reported revenue was disputed this year due to complaints that only NT$ 440 million (US $ 1.5 million) had sales in July for lowest in 19 years.


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