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MXIC company in Taiwan to give NT$10,000 bonus to all their employee

  Taipei-Taiwan (December 16, 2015) - CNA reported, one of Taiwan's leading memory chipmakers "Macronix International Co., " will give NT$10,000 to each employee for their celebration of 30th anniversary.

  The company of Macronix is the main producer of Nor Flash and NAND Flash memory chips that are used in storage.

 They will give a total of NT$40 million in total for their 4,000 employees as bonuses. The Macronix Chairman Wu Miin-you announces the good news in their 30th-anniversary ceremony. According to him, the bonuses will be given to the employees is a way of showing the company's gratitude for their hard work that lead to their success.

 Macronix began with 100 employees but as the years pass by its started to grow because of their hard work. Although the company suffered for 6 consecutive years because of a supply glut, they have recovered in 2017. Macronix earns NT$3.12 per share and increases last year to NT$4.94 per share.

  The chairman believes that 5G Technologies will increase the demand for memory chips from 2020 to 2021. He said the company already secured the orders from their customers in Japan, South Korea, China and even the Huawei Technologies Inc.

  The second half of the year in 2020 the demand for NAND Flash and Nor Flash supply will short and it will push them to increase their prices.


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