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Number of applicants to Hong Kong decreases due to unending protest in the island

According to recruiter agencies in the Philippines, as a result of anti-government protests by Hong Kong people, the number of domestic helper applicants who want to work in Hong Kong has dropped.

Sharp (Society of Hongkong Acredited) President Alfredo Palmiery said demand for Filipino Domestic Helper and its deployment to Hong Kong remained stable but noted that the number of applicants had decrease by five to ten percent due to the impact of the riots in the said country.

Welfare Attache Marivic Clarin says the protests are still affecting the Filipino DH's deployment in Hong Kong.  She added that demand for the Filipino DH has remained stable despite concerns over an economic downturn that has made in the protests.

Clarin also said the effect of reducing the number of applicants for DH was minimal.  Every day there are 150 registering for the PAOS (Post Arrival Orientation Seminar. She also said that workers who have lost their jobs in HK because their employers have left because of the protests, they do not need to return to the Philippines and they can stay in the country while looking for new employers and they don't pay anything.

Clarin also told workers they needed to go to the Immigration Department to get the ID522 form to set them for interview scheduled.

She added that if the worker has a contract it will be easy and  promptly notified by  POLO.


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