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OFWs are advised to be vigilant against Gangsters in the area of Linkou

Migrant workers should be vigilant again in the area of Linkou. There has been a report circulating in the social media that the Gangs around the area are attacking migrant workers at night.

One OFW from Linkou area has confirmed the presence of gangsters and was able to flee safely and another one has also confirmed that around early morning they were been blocked by gangsters riding in a motorcycle. His companions were beaten and while he was able to run safely.

Ms. Gina Lin from his facebook post. She said that everyone should be careful. Especially those who are working at night in the area of Ting hu road (Near in Hi-Life store) and also in the area of Gung Park near the Da Gung Elementary School in Geishan.

If anyone has encountered or you feel you are endangered you may get inside in the convenience store and call emergency hotline 110 and give your name, exact location, and contact no.)

All post are courtesy of Ms. Gina Lin 


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