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Pinoy Surfer Athlete became a Hero in SEA Game after saving his competitor in the game

Philippines - Yesterday December 6, 2019, viral on social media made an athlete help his opponent in the surfing competition at the SEA Game.

Surf hero Roger Casugay is now considered the hero of surfing in the SEA Game not because he won a gold medal or broke a certain game record, but because for rescuing him to a surfing colleague and opponent.

Casugay was the highest point in the game and should have been the lead, but it stopped and allowed the other opponents to advance because he had better to save his fellow Indonesian surfer Arhip Nurhidayat from drowning.

As many have witnessed the incident, as the surfers were competing in the surfing game at the SEA Games, the Indonesian surfer board suddenly slipped off the waves.  They thank Casugay for being there to rescue the opponent from the crashing waves.  After being rescued, the two surfers shared a single surfboard and returned to the beach for safety.

The two surfers uploaded their return and Indonesian surfer Arhip held Roger's hand and said Roger was the champion.  In the meantime, the event was postponed first while waiting for further notice.

Now, in hosting the 2019 SEA Games, Surfing is the worst sport due to hurricane Kammuri.  The event was delayed three times due to bad weather with organizers announcing the safety of athletes and spectators more than anything else.


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