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Taiwan's weather will remain cold and freezing for more coming days

Taipei, Taiwan (December 8, 2019) - Our weather forecast. Cold and Freezing temperature will remain constant for more coming days as the northern easterly and south monsoon gain more strength.

During daytime the Northern part of the country will experience 11 to 19 degrees Celsius. While the Central Area will experience 12 to 23 degrees Celcius.

For Easten part of the country during daytime will experience 12 to 21 degrees Celcius. While the Southern part of the country will experience 13 to 24 degrees Celcius.

Meanwhile, the outlying islands of the country will experience 9 to 19 degrees Celcius during daytime.

During night time, the northern part of the country's temperature will fall to 11 to 17 degrees Celcius. And for the Central Area 11 to 17 degrees Celcius the same with the north. While southern part of the country will fall to 14 to degrees Celcius.

Outlying Islands during night time will experience 12 to 17 degrees.

There is a 20 percent of chance to rain today but tomorrow there will 50 percent of chance to rain.

All mountains over 3,000 meters will remain freezing like Xueshan mountain which remain -13 degrees Celcius and Yushan mountain will remain -9 degrees Celcius. According to CWB data.

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