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Tejada encouraging OFW's in Hong Kong to tell their families the hardships they have to earn.

Philippine Consul General Raly Tejada encouraging Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Hong Kong that if they were to return to the Philippines they would tell their family about the difficulty of working abroad just to earn money,  than grant all their requests.  And for their families to know how hard it is to earn money as an OFW.

Tejada said at a graduation ceremony of OFWs who attended the basic financial literacy courses of the CARD Hongkong Foundation that OFW's educate their fellow citizens in the Philippines especially their families.  They show them their true situation as an OFW abroad.

He added that some money doesn't grow in a tree especially in Hong Kong.  All of your movements have difficulty with those that experience sweating, bleeding, and bruising their bodies just to make money.

He says that it is very graphic but all of this is true because he feels pain everyday when there are OFW'ss who come to the consulate in such a situation.

Last Nov 17. the ceremony was held at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Wan Chai and saw more than 200 OFWs graduate and obtain their certificates.  On behalf of the Philippines Consulate General, Tejada congratulates the CARD Hongkong Foundation and all graduates of the basic finacial literacy program.

Tejada explains that financial literacy is something that a person needs to have because it provides the knowledge to make the right decision on how to use the financial system.  He is therefore grateful to CARD for continuing to provide information to OFW's in Hong Kong.

According to Tejada, there are also many OFW's who are staying abroad for 10-20 years before returning to the Philippines but some of them do not have enough savings.  There is also a plan of only 3-5 years to work overseas but it becomes 20-30 years.  He said 70% of the OFW's hard earned money goes to nothing because they have no idea how to plan financially.

There are also OFW's who borrow and pawn their passports just to get a loan.  Such situations are part of life in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world.  So if everyone has knowledge of financial literacy it will avoid being in a bad situation.


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