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The Department of Education to train 300 skill public teachers in teaching Mandarin

Manila-Philippines- With the partnership of the Confucius Institute and Angeles University Foundation in Pampanga, 300 skill Filipino teacher will undergo in training for teaching Mandarin said the DepEd.

  The agreement was already signed for the combined source: ing of teachers in public schools for Master of Arts in Education Major in Chinese Language Teaching (MAED CLT).

  The goal of this program is to support the progressive growth in teaching the secondary schools for Special in Foreign Language (SPFL) - Chinese Mandarin.

  According to DepEd, the program targets to train 300 skill public teachers for the next five years. This program will be implemented by the Angeles University Foundation with Fujian Normal University in China.

 This is created to improve the Language Proficiency and Pedagogical skills of the teachers for teaching the Chinese Mandarin as a foreign language said the DepEd.

 Education Secretary Leonor Briones pointed out that, the indicator of good quality of education is the proficiency in teaching the language.

 Under this program, they to complete the two-year master's degree and six months of this is studying in China. Briones said that through this the quality of education in the Philippines will be enhanced.

  Tian Shanting a Chinese embassy cultural counsellor praise the DepEd for including the Chinese Mandarin in SPFL. He said this will help to improve the relationship between the Philippines and Chinese people.

 The Chinese Mandarin was included in the SPFL in the year 2011.

  The DepEd said that there are 310 Filipino public teachers trained to teach the Chinese Mandarin and 93 public high schools with a total of 11,000 students was already studying Chinese Mandarin under the Special Program. Nihongo, Korean, German, Spanish and Fresh is also included in SPFL  that is also teaching in public schools.


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