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The secret healing effect of Coffee Senna

 Coffee senna is a medium-sized plant with slightly stiff branches. It has yellow flowers, and leaves with a strong odor. The fruit is long and resembling a tamarind filled with small seeds. It usually grows in low-lying neighborhoods throughout the country but originated on the American continent.

The nutrients and chemicals that can be taken in coffee senna:
* Branches - contains alkaloids.
* Leaf - is available in cathartin
* Seeds - contain olein, margarine, tannic acid, sugar, starch, cellulose, water, calcium sulphate, phosphate, iron, and silica. Parts of the plant used as medicine:
* Seeds - are boiled and made into beverages.
* Whole plant - is usually prescribed to boil or boil to drink and cure conditions in our body.

Diseases that can be treated by the coffee senna:
1. Snake bites - commonly used coffee senna leaves to treat snake wounds.
2. Rheumatism - plant nourishment can be taken to help with rheumatic conditions.
3. Dysenteria - a severe case of dysenteria or diarrhea with blood may be helpful in drinking the plant's digestive tract.
4. Gastroenteritis - gastroenteritis due to gastroenteritis can be helped by drinking leaves and stems.
5. Ganorrhea - remedies are effective for sore throats. It should only be taken regularly.
6. Eczema - urchin-infected leaves can be exposed to skin affected by eczema.

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