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1000 OFW in Lebanon requested the government for repatriation

As part of President Duterte's repatriation order, around 1000 OFWs from Lebanon will come home due to the arising tensions between Iran and the US.

Although the mandatory repatriation is not covered Lebanon by the Department of Labor and Employment, over thousand of OFWs requested for repatriation in the said country.

Bernard Olalia (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Administrator Undersecretary is going to Lebanon next week to talk to the Filipino community leaders and lead the repatriation.

Olalia added that the only challenge to them is how to convince Filipino workers to go home because many of our balikbayan workers are working there for many years and they know how to deal with tensions. They are aware of what to do for situations like this and that the only problem we might encounter in convincing them to go back to our country.

Around 33,000 Street OFWs in on Lebanon and most of them were household service workers (HSW).


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